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Little Dewchurch Primary School

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Little Dewchurch Primary School

Little Dewchurch

Telephone number : 01432 840645

Fax number : 01432 840340 

Email address :  adminld@little-dewchurch.hereford.sch.uk 

Our admin team will be happy to address any enquiries you may have.

Head of School

MIss Emma Blankley

Executive Head teacher: 

Ms Tracey A Kneale CBE (All letters should be addressed to the Executive Headteacher)

Based at Marlbrook Primary School.


Due to concerns for the health and safety of all children we encourage parents/carers vehicles to be parked in the village hall car park away from the gate. Parents/carers may then stand and wait outside the gate to pick up their children. We also ask that the main gates be kept clear at all times to ensure emergency access is possible if necessary. 

We are concerned for the safety of all our children – please support us in achieving this.