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Little Dewchurch Primary School

Class 2

 Welcome back from the summer break and welcome to Class 2. 

Mrs Keenan is the class teacher and Mrs Perrie is the Teaching Assistant. 


Important information:

Please aim to listen to your child read on a daily basis.


English/Reading for Meaning

This term we are reading Mr Stink by David Walliams in our daily Reading for Meaning sessions. This hilarious book tells the story about a girl called Chloe who meets an old tramp with a secretive past!


We will use a range of books as a springboard for our English lessons, as well as inspiration from our history lesson. Some of the styles we will cover this term are descriptive narrative, instructions, diaries, newspapers and non-chronological reports.


We will be working on using adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions and prepositions to add depth and meaning to writing, as well as fronted adverbials and embedded clauses for Y4s. Punctuation will focus on commas, apostrophes and speech marks.



Our main target focus will be place value and written formal methods for the four operations (+ - x ÷.) Shape, graph work and measures (length, capacity and weight) will also be covered.

Multiplication Tables

Y3 pupils will be recapping2 x5 x10 then focussing on x3 x4 x8 tables, with Y4 pupils moving on to x6x7x9. Please continue to use TTRS at home - I will issue new passwords if necessary due to the change of class group.



We will be learning about ‘states of matter’ and living things and their habitats this term, using our new learning strategies and presentation.



Our main focus will be The struggle for the Kingdom of England - Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots. Understanding the chronology, cause and effect, on the kingdoms of Briton, of the arrival of the Anglo Saxons following the Roman departure.



Through an understanding of human and physical geography we will be understanding the features of rivers and how these can be seen in our local environment. Learning how the flow of water changes through the upper, middle and lower courses of the rivers.


PE Monday and Tuesday – Gym and football, changing to hockey after 1/2 term.



We will be focussing on the question:

How do festival show what matters to a muslim?


Thank you for your warm welcome, please contact me if you need further advice.

Mrs Keenan