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Little Dewchurch Primary School


Welcome to Class 1


The Class Teacher is Mrs Jenkins and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Santos-Cruz

Class Teacher—Mrs Jenkins
Class Assistant—Mrs Santos Cruz

Welcome back to class 1 and a huge welcome to our new reception children who are settling well to the new environment, staff and peers. The children have already enjoyed exploring all the areas of the learning environment. They have made the most of the opportunities being offered through creating in the craft area, slug counting in the outdoor area, dressing up and retelling the Gruffalo story. There is so much more fun to be had too!

Social and Emotional Development/PSHE

The children will learn about behavior expectations at school, rules, good manners, being a good friend, kindness and building positive relationships. Each child will have a reward chart for them to collect ’smileys and stars’ for appropriate behavior. We would be grateful if you could continue to encourage this at home. Our value of the month is ‘Resilience’ so we will be talking about our emotions and how we can overcome them as well as regulate them.

Language and Literacy/English

We will continue to support children developing strong listening and attention skills through group activities. We will be using a ‘Show and Tell’ bag for children to bring one item of interest that they can show and tell their friends about. This will help develop their speaking and listening skills. We will have daily phonics sessions as we learn to hear, say and write new sounds. Continuing to practise these at home will support children to embed their learning. We will be reading lots of stories and improving our writing.

Physical Development/PE

Being able to competently undress and dress, whilst looking after our belongings can be tricky so do practise this at home. Children will have a P.E session every Tuesday afternoon, where they will focus on new skills and the effects of different activities on our bodies, agility and balance. Children can keep their P.E Kits in their lockers.  Supporting children to use their finer muscles effectively is very important in order to use a range of tools. We will teach the children how to hold a pencil in a pincer grip, to manipulate scissors, wood work equipment and cooking utensil.


For our younger class pupils a skill that is very important during early number knowledge is to be able to ‘subitise’. This is about understanding an amount they see quickly, not needing to count. As children develop this skill it helps them quickly learn a numbers composition. For example, they can see three red cars in the carpark, they know this because there is two, and one more.  To support this learning, the best question you can ask regularly is “What do you see?” Help children see groups of numbers and name them. Our Year 1 and 2 pupils will focus on 2, 5 and ten times tables.

Understanding of the World

We will be learning ‘all about me,’ families, and seasonal changes, looking at our local environment, The Great Fire of London, how animals and humans live as well as using the internet safely. In Religious education we are reading Bible stories and learning about The Creation. Music as always will be tuneful with lots of opportunities to play instruments, use our voices and bodies to create pulse, rhythm and pitch. In Art and DT we will be exploring line and a special artist.

Important Information

All uniform and PE kit should be clearly named. Even if it looks sunny please provide a coat for your child every day as well as a drink and healthy snack. We will provide a fruit snack in the afternoon. All children will need a named pair of wellies in school just incase we venture into our forest school area. Please keep reading with your children, our Rainbow Reading System will start from Friday 15th September, we will check the diaries for 5 reading entries at home that week (Friday pm-Friday am) to see who has won a Rainbow Reader Award. The children are excited and you will help build their love of reading. Send in their reading bag everyday and check for letters too.

Home Learning 

Year 2 children will have homework set to support their learning each week. Please support them with this along side reading every day. Year 1 children will be expected to read and may have phonic sounds to revise at home.  Children in Reception will be receiving reading books shortly.

Please see our website for upcoming events and if you have any queries or concerns about your child don’t hesitate to speak to a staff member.

We continue to work with you as partners in your child’s education.