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Little Dewchurch Primary School

Student Voice

Little Dewchurch Primary is very proud of its fantastic student voice team. In the last few years the team has really grown in strength and confidence and has had some remarkable achievements. The student voice team is run and led by the children supported by a member of staff, and takes an active role in making decisions and suggestions on behalf of the children in the school.

How we work Each year group is represented by two children who are elected by their classmates to represent them at Student Voice meetings. Each class representative reports back to their class which in turn is then fed back in the Student Voice meetings and here they take note of any ideas and queries. A record of what is discussed at each meeting is kept and feedback to the classes through their elected representatives and the agenda is set for forthcoming meetings. We hold regular whole school assemblies to keep the whole school informed and they can also raise any concerns or issues. The Student Voice representatives are displayed in school so that they children are aware of who to speak to. 

Inclusion for all children  All children attending our school have a voice. No child is excluded from participating and contributing. All children take part in the class meetings. No child is ever removed from a class council meeting to take part in another activity. 

 Litter Pick

On Thursday 29th March 2022, the school council donned their flourescent tabards and ventured into the village on the hunt for rubbish. The Parish Hall car park, village green, playground and the roads in between were stripped of any litter. We gathered about three bin bags with a variety of wrappers, cans bottles and packets - we even found an old belt! Let's hope everyone tries to use the bin in the future.