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Little Dewchurch Primary School

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Strategy Document 

Pupil Premium Grant (PPG)

 The Government provides additional funding to schools to support Pupil Premium children and it is called a Pupil Premium Grant (PPG). Schools receive £1,300 for each child registered as eligible for free school meals. In Herefordshire, schools can also apply for up to £1,900 worth of funding for looked after pupils. Service children attract a premium of £300.

Support for Learning and Progress

All classes have the support of a teaching assistant. In some areas of high need there are extra TAs which help reduce the pupil:teacher ratio. The TA skills are used to support small groups, target pupils for 1-1 work and boost key skills in SATs years. 


There is very little difference between the achievement of pupils in receipt of PPG and those who don’t. In one area, reading comprehension, there are two year groups where there is a small deficit. Money has therefore been targeted to allow TAs to hear pupils read daily. 


Speech and Language therapy assistant – Marlbrook and Little Dewchurch employs its own SALT assistant who works with pupils across the school to ensure early intervention. She is a valuable asset to the SEN team and targets pupils in Early Years, coaching TAs, making referrals and liaising with parents and staff. 20% of her caseload is pupils in receipt of PPG therefore a percentage of her time is paid for through the grant.


Student and Family Support team

We have a strong team of five student and family support workers who are dedicated to supporting pupils and their families break down emotional and social barriers to learning. The team spend their days working with families, liaising with external agencies and offering support to pupils.


The team have arranged for some of our pupil premium pupils to have play therapy, paid for by the PPG, 1-1 and family therapy. 


The team also organise enrichment activities for pupils, some as rewards for good behaviour and others purely to broaden pupils’ experiences and boost self esteem. Many of these activities, including our annual activity week, are funded by the PPG. We also run an annual residential weekend for pupils in Yrs 5 & 6. PPG monies have been used to fund the trip for some of our more vulnerable pupils.


In total the team cost £123,000 in salaries, including on costs. They have a budget of £10,000 to support their activities. We have recently begun working with some of our most vulnerable pupils within a nurture group. We are working closely with our educational psychologist to ensure this group is structured and resourced to have maximum impact.


Extended School

At Marlbrook, which is available for our Little Dewchurch children, we have a thriving Breakfast club, After School club and Holiday club, all used extensively by our pupil premium children.


School trips

Little Dewchurch has a rich and varied curriculum, supported by regular off-site visits and onsite visiting artists and specialists to engage children and raise their aspirations. Governors have authorised the subsidy of many of our curriculum enrichment experiences through the allocation of funding from the base budget. Funding has also been allocated from the PPG to support the inclusion of all children. 


Measuring the Impact

The school tracks the progress of all children, and pays particular attention to the progress of our most vulnerable pupils. The progress of pupil premium pupils is monitored separately and the impact of interventions is measured.

The progress of pupils receiving PPG is tracked and compared to that of pupils not in receipt of the grant. 


Please see below for the current Pupil Premium Statement. 

little d pp statement nov 23.pdf