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Little Dewchurch Primary School

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At Little Dewchurch Cof E Primary School, our Christian ethos is firmly routed in the daily life of the school.  as a church school, we use Christian values to promote and develop children's spirituality and create an environment where all children are valued as individuals and given every opportunity to grow and flourish.  Our core values of resilience, respect, kindness, hope, understanding, love, honesty, peace, appreciation, friendship and imagination are not only discussed and reflected upon through lessons and collective worship, but also permeate through the whole school curriculum.

To help bring meaning and life to each of our core values, a key piece of scripture and key bible story have been thoughtfully and carefully selected to help al members of our school vision in the ultimate hope that they can live life in all its fullness.

'Life in all its fullness' (John chapter 10 verse 10)


Welcome to Little Dewchurch CE Primary School.  The Staff, Parents, and Governors welcome you to our learning community.

Please come into school to see us at any time. We operate an open-door policy – the Head of School or Executive Headteacher is always happy to see you. The school administrator will make an appointment for you if she is off-site or in a meeting. Teachers are available before and after school – although Wednesday is best avoided as this is when we have our weekly staff meeting. 

All of our staff are extremely approachable – the school administrator Maureen Store will gladly offer you any assistance you may require when attempting to find out what we do, or help with any concerns.

The school is a well-established school – there has been a school on this site since 1868. We have classic old stone buildings for years 3 and 4. Class 1 (years R) occupy a new build which links the original school to the old schoolmaster’s house, where Class 4 (5 and 6) is on the, recently extended, ground floor. We have acquired a school field allowing the children to benefit from the beautiful countryside that our school is set in. Within this field, is situated our newest classroom - Class 2 (year 2) The school offers wireless computing provision and with 1 laptop for practically every child, we continue to develop children’s high level computer skills and incorporate technology into the wider curriculum whenever possible. 

The children, staff, parents and Governing Body work together to provide our children with the best education possible, to enhance their chance of success in the future, and to give them greater choices in life. 

We offer free extra-curricular activities that run Monday – Friday from 3.15pm – to 4.15pm. These are run by class teachers or by the Student Support team. 

We have close links with the village church, St. David’s.  We attend services regularly at the church and invite our parents and community to join us.

All those involved in the school have a commitment to high expectations and supporting every child to achieve their real potential – not just academically, but socially and emotionally.

We hope that you feel we have what you believe your child needs. 

Our prospectus is intended to provide you with all the information needed to help your child or children settle into school. If there are things that we have not mentioned that you would like information on, please contact the school.

Little Dewchurch Primary School caters for children aged between 4 -11 years.  We currently have 56 children on school roll, divided into 3 groups.

Please contact our administrator for admission forms to school.