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Little Dewchurch Primary School

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Class 1

 In our class, we have four adults working with us. Miss Hughes is our class teacher and Mrs Jenkins is our PPA teacher (Wednesday morning). Our teaching assistant is Miss Jackson. Miss Wright is a trainee teaching student in our class too.

A lot of our learning in play based, and our teachers set up daily activities and open ended opportunities for us to develop a range of skills across all areas of the curriculum. This term are focuses are as follows: 

Communication and Language and Literacy: The children will be exploring the topic of Castles, Knights and Princesses. If the children have a favourite fairy tale, please feel free to send it in for them to share with the class. The children will be describing characters, creating their own settings, and composing their own stories. The children have also begun phase four of the Letters and Sounds phonics program and are being encouraged to apply their knowledge of digraphs and trigraphs in writing bigger words. 

Mathematics: This term we will be exploring number in much greater detail; we will be learning one more/one less than a given number up to 100, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, practising halving, sharing and doubling amounts, applying mathematical concepts to real life problems, and further exploring time and money. Please support your children at home by helping them to practise writing their numbers, and looking for mathematical problems to solve in the environment.  

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: We will be discussing safety in the home and outside world through the use of stories and role play. We will be discussing personal responsibility for safety and hygiene, and thinking about the different types of people who help us at home, school and in the community. 

Physical Development: 

In our indoor P.E sessions, we will be exploring a range of dance and movements. We will be learning some medieval dances and practising different ways of balancing and travelling. In Outdoor P.E we will be learning how to use a range of equipment to play games as well as learning how to race and join in with team games. Please can you send in an outdoor P.E kit for every Thursday.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World: The children will start to use laptops for researching new ideas and concepts, as well as creating pictures and art work on drawing programs.  In RE we will be exploring the topic of “Special Books”. We will share Bible stories, as well as stories from other Holy Scriptures. We will be starting our Welly Walks again, so we would really appreciate it if your child could bring in a NAMED  pair of wellies to keep in school. 

Expressive Arts and Design: Our dedicated creative area continues to have a range of resources for the children to experiment with by combining media and materials in a variety of ways. The children also have a keen interest in role play, and over the past term enjoyed dressing up in roles that they could develop in their free play. If you have any dressing up costumes that you would like to donate to us, the children and I would be extremely grateful. 

Latest News

Book Bags

Please check your child’s book bag every day, and encourage them to put it in the book bag box every morning as they come into school. Inside their book bags you will find their rocket words to be practised as much as possible, a name card for your child to practise writing their name and a reading journal for you to write comments about how your child is getting on when reading their words and books with you at home.


Parent Helpers

We are always looking for parents and grandparents who may be able to dedicate a little time to help out with school life, from reading with children in school, to accompany us on school trips. If you are interested please see Mrs Store, who can discuss with you how you can help!


Snack Time

All children in reception are entitled to free milk and fruit which is offered at snack time every morning. If you wish to send a snack for your child in the afternoon, please encourage your children to choose a healthy snack that is to be kept in their locker. We also have a chilled water dispenser at school, so please send your child a named drinks bottle every day.


The Weather!

Due to the ever changing weather conditions, please keep an eye on the forecast and send your child to school with appropriate provisions for the weather. The children can keep a named hat and named sun cream in their locker for those days when the sun is shining!


Wednesday Welly Walks

Every Wednesday we will be going for a ‘Welly Walk’ around the school and in the surrounding area, as part of the Knowledge and Understanding element of the EYFS curriculum. Please can you send a named coat and a pair of wellies to school with your child to be kept in their locker.

Dates for your diary

 Wednesday 24th May 2017 - 9.15am: Reception Class Assembly

Monday 17th July 2017 - 2.30pm: Family Afternoon Tea